Monday, July 8, 2013

Predators™ v1.4.7 | APK + SD Data Download


Developer: Fox Electronic Amusement, Inc
Needs Android: two.two and up
Category: Arcade & Motion
Dimension: 80 MB
Price: US$ two.99
Average Ranking: 4. / five.

Enjoy as the Predator in this official recreation based on the legendary sci-fi film franchise!

Hone your looking strategies to lethal precision as you receive total membership in the Predators clan by tracking down and eliminating packs of elite human assassins, and defending oneself in opposition to even deadlier enemies.

Introduced to you by Angry Mob Game titles, the creators of Guerrilla Bob and Muffin Knight!

You Are The Predator
  • These people are the most hazardous killers on the planet…but it is not their earth. This earth is a sport protect and they are the prey. Pit your extraordinary Predator toughness, stealth, and alien technology towards the killer instincts of the nine deadliest human beings alive mercenaries, assassins, loss of life-squad soldiers, cartel enforcers, black ops snipers, and more… Prove you are the greatest Predator. Commence the hunt and finish their life.
Clan Warfare
  • No enemy is a lot more dangerous than your personal kind. Protect by yourself towards 3 potent and distinct Berserker Predators determined to exterminate your clan. Fend off the harmful Tracker Predator with his ferocious dogs, the Falconer Predator and his vicious hawks, just before dealing with off towards your supreme nemesis – the Super Black Predator.
Accumulate Your Trophies
  • Consider out your targets and assert your trophies – the heads of your human prey – even though unlocking new alien technologies and weaponry to total the hunt. Strike your targets quickly and silently, separating them from their team and eliminating them one particular-by-1.
Alien Systems
  • Use your Stealth Generator and vanish with chameleon-like transparency, then turn on your Thermal Vision even though you pull out the big guns. Use lengthy-range cannons, deadly Sensible Discs, Razor Whip, the sadistic Net Gun, and of course your fatal wrist-blade and spears. These terrible blades give new meaning to the phrase, “Get to the chopper!”
Intensive Environments
  • Use the components and your environment to obtain the “upper claw” in a marketing campaign manner of 31 extreme and hostile alien environments ranging from eerie killing grounds to dense jungle.
Xperia Perform optimized.
NVIDIA Tegra optimized.


For a lot more details, check out Predators™ on Google Engage in.

Password: axa

APK File
SD Information (Route: /sdcard/Android/obb)
Predators™ v1.4.7 | APK + SD Data Download
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