Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grandpa's Workshop v1.0.1 | APK Download

Grandpa's Workshop

Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
Needs Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Education and learning
Dimensions: 21 MB
Value: US$ .99
Common Ranking: five. / five.

Grandpa and his whacky tools are completely ready for exciting projects in the workshop!

This dancing Grandpa and his whacky equipment are prepared for entertaining initiatives in the workshop! Created by the makers of the wildly popular Grandma's Backyard garden, Grandpa's Workshop involves seven motion-packed mini-online games loaded with instructional material for little ones ages two-six. Additionally, your children will get to pick parts to construct their own colourful clubhouse!

Seven Motion-PACKED MINI-Online games!
  1. Location the Big difference. A single of those challenging tools is sillier than usual. Can you location the a single that is distinct?
  2. Board Fractions. Let us minimize the board into halves, thirds, or quarters and count how a lot of pieces we have!
  3. Measuring. Zippy the tape measure is stretched out so that you can measure the board! How extended is it?
  4. Choose the Tool. Grandpa needs a screwdriver to finish this task. Can you hand it to him?
  5. Variety Groups. We'll need to have four springs to complete up this undertaking. Which jar has 4 springs?
  6. Puzzle Resolve-Up. Oh no! Grandma's plate is damaged! Let us piece it again collectively.
  7. Paint the Undertaking. Grandpa just built this stool. What color will you paint it?
Instructional CONTENTS
  • Quantity teams (portions, numeral recognition): 1-12
  • Colours: orange, purple, brown, purple, green, yellow, blue, pink, black, grey
  • Measuring: measure items in models 1-twelve
  • Vocabulary: pliers, hammer, c-clamp, tape measure, broom, observed, screwdriver, wrench, degree, oil can, dustpan, bucket, paint brush, bolt, nut, spring, tack, nail, screw, washer, ruler, jigsaw, protection glasses, chisel, gloves, trowel, drill, sawdust
  • Fractions: halves, thirds, quarters
  • Spacial interactions (puzzles)
  • Observation capabilities (place the variation)
Grandpa's Workshop was developed by an Educational Psychologist and dad and mom for kids ages two via 6.


For a lot more information, visit Grandpa's Workshop on Google Enjoy.

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Grandpa's Workshop v1.0.1 | APK Download
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